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Nicolás Perez Barrios


I am Nicolás, President of the Multicultural Foundation Colombia, I was born in Bogotá D.C. I am 25 years old, I am a law student and I have been at the head of the organization since its foundation in 2015. I am a person who likes to set goals constantly, I like to meet the goals I set reason why which I like to be in constant interaction with work groups that allow me to reach the goals together. I am convinced that in my country, peace is the best way to achieve real changes in youth and childhood, that is why I like to contribute to the construction of a society aimed at generating new alternatives of life.


For me Multicultural Foundation Colombia is the best opportunity I have to grow personally and professionally, each of its members and projects allow me to identify the objectives I want to fulfill, in turn gives me the possibility to contribute to the construction of a society in peace that manages to trust and solidify the values that are held and not practiced or, believe lost.

María Paula González Castillo

I am María Paula González Castillo I am 22 years old, I studied law at El Bosque University and to date I am waiting to receive my degree as a lawyer in the month of April. I have experience in the judicial branch, properly in the criminal area. I consider myself a responsible person, with great ability to work as a team, and achieve the proposed objectives.


In Multicultural Colombia, I held the position of director of projects and international affairs. Through the Foundation I have discovered and learned the true meaning of social work. There is no greater gratification than being able to help those who need it most, and see how we contribute as a team to the improvement of their personal and social conditions. Each of the projects executed by the Foundation have a common point and is: the importance of the individual as a human being.

Julián Molina Pajoy

Professional Lawyer graduated from the Faculty of Law of the Military University of Nueva Granada with emphasis on Alternative Mechanisms of Conflict Resolution and extensive knowledge in the Criminal and Private Law areas and skills linked to a comprehensive knowledge of Law.

I possess qualities in reasoning and critical thinking, standing out for skills in the investigative and analytical field within legal, constitutional and legal parameters in general. In addition, I have knowledge in the Risk Management Systems (Operational, Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism - FATCA & Compliance), with proper management of the Internal Control System (COSO Model), mastering the notions in Registries and Accounting Operations with domain of the Office systems and typing techniques in the handling of database and documentation.

For the Multicultural Foundation Colombia, I work as a Director in the area of ​​risk analysis and processes, identifying the characterization and structure within the design and execution of projects, which tend towards solidarity with people in conditions of vulnerability within the National Territory.​​

Camila Pérez Barrios
Legal Representative

My name is Camila Pérez Barrios, a lawyer graduated from San Martín University and I currently have experience in several branches of Law in which I have worked throughout these years.

I am the Legal Representative of MULTICULTURAL FOUNDATION COLOMBIA from the time of its formation because I am the founder of the same given the needs that were identified at that time in the most vulnerable population and in the persistent intention to provide collaboration through self-sustainable projects that they will be able to change the reality of the people who benefit from our actions.

MULTICULTURAL FOUNDATION COLOMBIA has allowed me to explore new experiences, meet people, value my present and give me the ability to work to change the country's future. I am proud to be part of this great team and I hope to carry out many more projects for the good of the community.

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